Ministry Partner Application

As the Global Ministry Team for Blackhawk Ministries we are interested in developing deeper partnering relationships with all of the agencies and individual missionaries that we currently support.   One way you can assist us is to make sure we have your most current information and have a thorough understanding of your specific ministries.  Therefore, we are requesting that each of our missionaries and partners complete the attached Ministry Update at least once a year.  This helps us better understand your needs and also assists us in our communication with the entire Blackhawk church body.  

Our goal is to become more involved partners in the gospel as we share with each other how God is working to build His kingdom. So in addition to completing this form, we are asking that each of you communicate with the Global Ministry Team at least once a quarter to keep us updated on your ministry.  

We pray for you regularly and want to strengthen our relationships even more during this next year. We appreciate your sacrifice and how you serve Him! Wishing you all of the Lord’s blessings and look forward to hearing from you soon.



What is your annual budget and what percentage of your budget is currently funded?
Do you support the church views of faith.
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